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Johnny Brenden: A Profile

Johnny Brenden is the President/CEO, sole proprietor and company spokesperson for the Brenden Theatre Corporation, an independent motion picture theater chain with 86 screens of movie magic that bear his name and stretch from Northern California to Southern Nevada. Brenden oversees his growing enterprise from his offices in the Brenden Celebrity Suite, an animal-inspired boss’ den complete with wall-to-wall tinted glass overlooking his bustling box office at Brenden Theatres & IMAX® at the renowned Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The CEO safari—is multi-functional. It serves as a “meet and greet” for Tinseltown’s Academy Award® winners and hottest stars of today (Jack Nicholson, Sean Penn, Holly Hunter, Nicolas Cage, Cuba Gooding, Jr., Laurence Fishbourne, Jennifer Garner, Michael Jackson, Hayden Panettiere, Amanda Bynes and hundreds more—been there, done the Brenden Celebrity Suite). It also houses Brenden’s eclectic memorabilia, everything from African art and exotic animal skins to original movie posters and a museum like photo display of iconic movie legends. But one memento, a massive wooden desk, has meaning beyond compare for the Vegas showman.

Brenden’s colossal and impeccably kept desk belonged to his late grandfather and mentor, Ted Mann. A motion picture industry pioneer by anyone’s definition, Mann built and operated the Los Angeles-based Mann Theatre Corp., which included 450 theatres in 12 states at its height. Mann’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood was the centerpiece of his fleet.

Mann was not alone in his larger-than-life status. His wife, Rhonda Fleming-Mann, has more than 40 motion picture credits, including “A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court” (1949) and “Gunfight at the O.K. Corral” (1957). Known only as “grandma” to Brenden, Fleming starred alongside Bob Hope, Gregory Peck, Kirk Douglas, Glenn Ford and Ronald Reagan, to name a few. Click here to learn about the Ted Mann Theater in Los Angeles.  

The movie exhibition business flows through Brenden’s veins, and it’s the only industry he has ever known. He learned every facet of the business from the ground up, first tearing tickets and then ushering, cashiering and working world film premieres at Mann’s Chinese Theatre. As a young adult, Brenden was involved in film buying and theatre operations. Brenden realized his dream in 1990 when he founded Brenden Theatre Corp. and opened Brenden Pittsburg 8 in Pittsburg, Calif. With guidance from his grandfather, Brenden invested every penny he saved from his Pittsburg operation and expanded across Northern California and into Southern Nevada.

Today, Brenden practices the management style he learned from his grandfather: have unwavering trust and respect for employees, mix in an appropriate level of hands-on management, make customer service, presentation, integrity, honesty and loyalty top priorities. Brenden’s formula has earned his corporation wild success, measured both in revenues and in the reputation it maintains within the motion picture industry and in the communities it calls home.

Brenden is currently working on several new movie theatres projected to open in the near future.

Johnny Brenden’s Grandparents

Ted Mann

Ted Mann, Rhonda Fleming and Pedro Gonzalez-Gonzalez. Gonzalez is well known for his “sidekick” roles in the 50’s/60’s and also starred in Rio Bravo (1959) along side John Wayne

Ted Mann, Rhonda Fleming and Pedro Gonzalez-Gonzalez.

Ted Mann, Pedro Gonzalez-Gonzalez, Rhonda Fleming and Ricardo Montalban (Fantasy Island)

Ted Mann, Pedro Gonzalez-Gonzalez, Rhonda Fleming and Ricardo Montalban (Fantasy Island)

Johnny Brenden’s Grandmother Rhonda Fleming plays the role of Candace Bronson opposite of Glen Ford in the 1951 American Civil War Saga

Johnny Brenden’s Grandmother Rhonda Fleming

Johnny Brenden’s Grandmother Rhonda Fleming

Johnny Brenden’s Grandmother Rhonda Fleming

Mann Theatres ‘Old School’: 9200 Sunset Blvd

Andy Gruenberg, Wayne Lewellen, Ted Mann, Joe Peixoto, Travis Reid, Bob Lenihan and John Brenden

Andy Gruenberg, Wayne Lewellen, Ted Mann, Joe Peixoto, Travis Reid, Bob Lenihan and John Brenden
Mann Theatres ‘Old School’: 9200 Sunset Blvd

Corporate Profile of Brenden Theaters

Brenden Theatre Corp. has redefined the movie exhibition business by creating unforgettable entertainment experiences for over 3 million guests annually. Since its modest start in 1990, Brenden Theatre Corp. has grown to include 86 screens of movie magic from the East Bay of N. California to S. Nevada. Its theatres include four California locations: Brenden Theatres Pittsburg 16, Brenden Theatres Concord 14, Brenden Theatres Vacaville 16 and Brenden Theatres Modesto 18, as well as two Nevada locations: Brenden Theatres & IMAX® at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas and Brenden Theatres at the Avi Casino Resort in Laughlin.

By offering unmatched levels of customer service, theatre presentation and amenities, President and CEO Johnny Brenden has transformed his theatres into destinations that rival some of the region’s most sought-after entertainment attractions. As the site of world film premieres and award-winning promotional campaigns that have drawn the likes of Muhammad Ali, Nicolas Cage, Mark Hamill, Jennifer Garner, Sylvester Stallone, Holly Hunter, Sean Penn, Jack Nicholson, Michael Jackson and many other of today’s hottest celebrities, Brenden attracts moviegoers excited to experience the indescribable vibe of Hollywood glamour that’s alive at each theatre location.

Central to the company’s success is the guiding principle to regard patrons as important stakeholders—individuals deserving of memorable motion picture experiences at fair prices. “Brenden Theatres, where the customer is the star,” is much more than a catchy motto; it exemplifies the corporate commitment to understand and appeal to the unique demographic segments surrounding each of the six locations. It’s a responsibility that executives and managers take seriously. Whether they’re analyzing promotions designed to pack a punch in the highly competitive Concord, Calif. market or considering in-room displays to lure Palms Casino Resort guests to Brenden Theatres & IMAX® at the Palms, team members do so with the confidence that Brenden has instilled in them.

Exceptional customer experiences begin with committed employees. Staff members are encouraged to take ownership of the four commitment areas for theatre operations: commitment to facilities, commitment to guests, commitment to employees and commitment to community. By giving employees the tools to succeed and motivating them through monetary consideration, praise and meaningful bonuses, Brenden Theatres Corp. successfully creates an atmosphere of fun and fantasy—critical to the mission of providing a memorable movie entertainment experience for patrons.

The award-winning Brenden Theatres has received numerous recognitions including two prestigious “Best Overall Promotion” Showmanship Awards presented by the National Association of Theatre Owners.

Corporate growth plans call for additional locations; however, Brenden is steadfast in his commitment to remain an intimate chain that provides a personal level of customer service and operates with old-fashioned values.

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