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Private Movie Night

Private Movie Night

No matter the occasion, a private luxury theatre is the answer! Enjoy Hollywoods newest feature films, an old classic from your childhood, or your own movie. 

Need a space for a speaking engagement, business meeting, or power point presentation? We do that too. 

Loyalty Teaser

2023 Loyalty  - Coming Soon! 

We are excited to (almost) announce our new Loyalty Program that we will roll out in stages starting with a FREE VIP Membership that will be good for free movies, snacks & Food! 

Stay Tuned! 

Spider-Man Collectible

Spider-Man Collectible Popcorn Tin

Experience the thrill of Spider-Man with our limited-edition collectibles! Get yours starting tomorrow and bring the excitement of Spider-Man home from the Theatre! 

Refillable 2023

Refillable 2023 Loyalty Combo

For a limited time, purchase our Loyalty Combo with refillable large soda cup and popcorn tub and enjoy the perks of discounted refills for the rest of the year!

Expires 12/31/23. Must be a loyalty member. Non-members can signup at the snack bar. 

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Ted Mann
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"In Loving Memory Of my Grandfather/Father Theodore (Ted) Mann (1916-2001) Mann Theatres 450 Theatres Nationwide.

With love, Johnny Brenden"

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