Vegas Magazine, Winter 2003): CAR CULTURE: Vegas stars and their cars

Vegas Magazine
Winter 2003

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Text of profile:

Owner, President and CEO,
Brenden Theatre Corporation
2003 Lamborghini Murciélago
Metallic yellow with black and yellow
leather interior

Lamborghini Murciélago
With a top speed of 210 mph, it’s the fastest production vehicle in the United States.
Engine info: 575 horsepower, 12 cylinder, 6.2 liter
Price: $282,000
Amenities: Handcrafted leather interior, GPS system, constant 4-wheel drive.

Whether he’s zooming off to Sacramento for a Kings game, or just taking a scenic drive down the Strip, 39-year-old Johnny Brenden always rides in his new wheels. “I take my Murciélago almost everywhere I go,” explains Brenden. “People would be surprised, but it is actually very user-friendly.”

When this Minnesota native is not on the road, he plays the role of owner, president and CEO of his California-based theatre corporation. Following in the footsteps of his grandfather Ted Mann (of the famous Mann’s Chinese Theatre) Brenden started the Brenden Theatre Corporation in 1990, and opened his first theatre in Pittsburg, California, that same year. Today, Brenden’s empire includes four theatres in northern California and three in Las Vegas, the newest of which is a 14-theatre megaplex located inside the ultra-hip Palms Casino Resort.

Why this car: “This new body style just came out in 2003. I had been planning on buying it for a while.”

Other cars: A 500S Mercedes. “I’m also looking to buy a Hummer.”

First car: “A rust colored 1976 Ford Maverick. My grandfather bought it for me for $350 when I went off to college. I had it for two years. It was definitely a beater.”

How do people react to it? “People always want to know what kind of car it is because it looks totally different from the other Lamborghinis. When it’s in valet, people are always gathering around it, so they have to rope it off. It’s kind of a pain in the ass sometimes: you have to be careful where you park it. But even with all that, it’s still an awesome car. I love it.”

Dream Car? “No longer need to dream, I have it!”