Brenden Theatres

Premieres and Events

Remebering Joe Jackson
Johnny Brender remembering Joe Jackson
 Joseph Jackson plate
 Joseph Jackon and Family
Vegas Premiere of “As I AM: The Life and Time$ of DJ AM”
Luxury Cinema comes to the East Bay
Rifle’s Hometown Holiday Celebration
Rifle 2
Rifle 3
‘Star Wars’-themed fundraiser Saturday benefits Children’s Crisis Center of Stanislaus | The Modesto Bee
Holly Madison at the Brenden Theatres Las Vegas for the Harry Potter Midnight Show! Thanks for coming out Holly!
Holly 2
Holly 3
Holly 4
Twi-Fan Experience: with a Celebrity Appearance by The Twilight Saga Actor Kiowa Gordon who plays “Embry Call”
Kiowa Gordon
Kiowa Gordon 6
Kiowa Gordon 2
Kiowa Gordon 7
Kiowa Gordon 3
Kiowa Gordon 8
Kiowa Gordon 4
Kiowa Gordon 9
Kiowa Gordon 5
Kiowa Gordon 10
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