Mann's Chinese Theatre,
Hollywood, CA

"In Loving Memory
Of my Grandfather/Father
Theodore (Ted) Mann (1916-2001)
Mann Theatres
450 Theatres Nationwide
With love,
Johnny Brenden"

Brenden Celebrity Stars
Dean Cain

Dean Cain & Johnny Brenden

Manager & Friend Kai Jam with Dean Cain

The Dean Cain Brenden Celebrity Star is Unveiled!

A Personal Note to Johnny Brenden

Johnny Brenden Presents Dean Cain
with the Brenden Celebrity Star

Dean Cain Giving His Acceptance Speech

Dean Cain in the Brenden Celebrity Suite

Dean Cain, his Manager Kai Jam,
Johnny Brenden, & Tylor Meyers (MDA)

Dean Cain, Johnny Brenden & Diva

Dean Cain

Interviewed by the Las Vegas TV Network

Dean Cain & Diva

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