Mann's Chinese Theatre,
Hollywood, CA

"In Loving Memory
Of my Grandfather/Father
Theodore (Ted) Mann (1916-2001)
Mann Theatres
450 Theatres Nationwide
With love,
Johnny Brenden"

Johnny Brenden President and CEO of Brenden Theatres

Playboy Playmate Kelly Carrington May 2011

Johnny and Diva

Johnny and Brittany Daniels (White Chicks)

Clifton Collins Jr (Traffic) and Brittany Daniels (White Chicks)

Dean Stockwell

Dennise Hopper

Jack Nicholson and Diva

Jimmy Kimmel Cousin Sal

Johnny Brenden with John Leguizamo (Ice Age)

Johnny Brenden and Eric Benet

Meagan Good (The Cookout)

Moira Greenspun, Johnny & Diva

Johnny Brenden and Paris Hilton

Johnny Brenden with Cinevegas President Robin Greenspun

Nikki Cox (Las Vegas - TV)

Johnny Brenden in the Brenden Celebrity Suite

Johnny Brenden and Liat

Johnny Brenden and Trevor Groth (Programmer, Cinevegas)

Michael Berk (Baywatch Producer), Johnny Brenden & Diva

Sara Foster (The Big Bounce)

Josh Duhamel (Las Vegas - TV) and Diva


Michael Berk with Ruth and Ryan

Johnny & Diva

Johnny Brenden and Cliff Collins Jr. (Traffic)

Liat and Diva

Cliff Collins Jr. (Traffic), Diva and girls

Johnny & Diva

Johnny Brenden and bunny-eared Cliff Collins Jr. (Traffic)

Johnny Brenden with Cliff Collins Jr. (Traffic) and Ruth and Ryan

Johnny Brenden and Melissa Ann Rogers

Diva, Liat, and Melissa

Johnny & Diva, Liat


Ghostbar Party July 18, 2006 with Strip Las Vegas
Johnny here with Tashina and Nina


Johnny with friend Leiat

Johnny with Paris Hilton

Lyndsay and Diva

Johnny with Ruth and Ryan

Lyndsay, Johnny, Monique and Nichole

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