Mann's Chinese Theatre,
Hollywood, CA

"In Loving Memory
Of my Grandfather/Father
Theodore (Ted) Mann (1916-2001)
Mann Theatres
450 Theatres Nationwide
With love,
Johnny Brenden"


Promotional Flyers


Mini Me's!

Imperial Guard

Next Generation

General Grievous

I have my sw Collectors Cup' you?

Help me!!!

Busy Busy Busy

Laser Quest brought the "Quick Draw" games

Modesto Promo Team

Brenden Prize Wheel!

Just hanging out at the Brenden

Matt O' Conner

Star Wars Graphic Designer/Artist

Model made by Matt O' Conner

(925) 768-4173

Signing up for the Brenden Celebrity

Movie Club to win free stuff!

Game Crazy brought the new sw video game

sw Midnight show and events

Let's rumble!

View from the Mezzanine

More activities upstairs
in the Brenden Celebrity Suite

Having fun at Brenden Theatres Modesto!

Overlooking the lobby


May the Force be with you

The 501st

You lose

Don't Move!


Thank you all for coming!

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