Mann's Chinese Theatre,
Hollywood, CA

"In Loving Memory
Of my Grandfather/Father
Theodore (Ted) Mann (1916-2001)
Mann Theatres
450 Theatres Nationwide
With love,
Johnny Brenden"


At the Brenden Theatres, readers feel just as pampered as the stars they're watching on the big screen. There's stadium seating throughout each of the 14 theaters, and Palms' resplendent, neon-festooned lobby gives the place a larger-than-life aura. Home to the CineVegas Film Festival, the Palms also has Hollywood-style film premieres from time to time and an IMAX theater. It's Las Vegas' event theater, but even if you're not going to some star-studded opening, you'll still feel like it. The Century Orleans 18 works on a big tub of popcorn in second.

Johnny Brendenís Grandmother Rhonda Fleming plays the role of Candace Bronson opposite of Glen Ford in the 1951 American Civil War Saga

Johnny Brendenís Grandmother
Rhonda Fleming

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