Dolby 3D Digital Cinema

The digital 3D movie experience is not only mesmerizing—with people grabbing at thin air and pulling back from objects that appear to be zooming straight at them—this dynamic form of movie entertainment engages the audience in something much richer and more compelling than they are used to seeing in the movie theatre. The events onscreen seem closer to real life. Even more than that, they're larger than life. Moviegoers are struck with something so vivid and enthralling, they can’t help but respond. And that wonderfully engaging experience keeps them coming back for more.


Making the switch to digital 3D is an important commitment. So when exhibitors invest, they need to be sure that they’re making the right choice. Dolby 3D Digital Cinema is an extension of Dolby Digital Cinema, an established, proven technology.

Dolby 3D Digital Cinema delivers an impressive 3D experience that provides realistic color and a sharper, clearer image. In addition, the technology behind Dolby 3D offers audiences a great 3D experience from every seat in the house.


The Dolby 3D Digital Cinema playback system supports both 3D and 2D presentations without the need for a dedicated 3D auditorium. Because programming can easily alternate between 3D and 2D presentations, exhibitors have more flexibility. An exhibitor can move down a movie to additional auditoriums later in the run—without changing a thing.


Exhibitors and filmmakers benefit from the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of Dolby 3D Digital Cinema. Rather than requiring the expense, hassle, and technical compromises of installing a silver screen, Dolby 3D Digital Cinema uses the standard white screen already in place. And it utilizes a standard digital cinema projector with a simple filter accessory.

The comfortable, lightweight glasses used with Dolby 3D Digital Cinema feature passive technology that requires no batteries or charging. Initially, glasses can be reused, eliminating ongoing per-ticket purchase costs and minimizing any environmental impact and associated charges. Longer term, exhibitors will also have the option of disposable glasses that can be kept by the customer as a souvenir.

For filmmakers, Dolby 3D Digital Cinema simplifies the process of creating and distributing fantastic 3D movies. Unlike other systems, there is no need for extra color correction or other compensation processes in postproduction. In addition to saving time and money, this approach delivers a visibly sharper and clearer image. And as no corrective preprocessing is required, distributors benefit from the ability to master and distribute a single digital file that can be played in both 3D and 2D sites.

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